Timor Dining Set Lava With Grey Teak

Timor Dining Set Lava 3,400$


The Timor dining collection has been extended even further and is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The strong cross base aluminum frame comes with wonderful robust teak or grey teak tabletop. The tabletops are made of 100% Indonesian legal wood and are SVLK certified. This means that the full process of manufacturing is registered and monitored which guarantees the sustainability of the wood and the plantation.


W280x D100x H75 CM  / W110’x D39’x 30′

Materials and Maintenance

The collection of Life Outdoor Living is made from recycled teak; this is a purely natural product, meaning the wood is given a second life. Because this is a recycled natural product, every individual table has its own structure and look. The disparity in measurements and the structure are properties of the wood; this means that every product is unique. Recycled teak has a natural appearance and develops a beautiful silver-grey shade. Scratches, dents, cracks, knots, filling, or other damage is inherent in recycled teak and these do not have an impact on the life span. Normal use of the product will result in small cracks (hairline cracks) and openings appearing in the wood; this does not detract from the quality or the life span of the table, but to the contrary is characteristic of the charm of this product.

In principle, Teak grey wash does not have to be treated, because, through the effects of the weather, the wood slowly turns a silver-grey color, similar to the appearance that the wood currently has. We do recommend that the furniture is treated with Life Outdoor Living Teak Shield. This product is colorless and also provides a protective layer, meaning that dirt and stains cannot be absorbed by the furniture, this also helps to reduce the formation of algae. To clean your furniture, we recommend using Life Teak Cleaner. (Under no circumstances should a high-pressure washer be used). Never clean the table using harsh detergents. If you nevertheless wish to use a different detergent, always test the effect of this in a hidden spot.

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