Stella 3201



Length: 174 cm | 68 inches *

Weight: 59 cm | 23 inches *

Height: 119 cm | 47 inches *

Grilling surface: (35 x 43) + 2 x (17 x 43)  cm | (14 x 17) + 2 (7 x 17) inches *

Number of people: 14

Try a Barbecook gas barbecue for the best gas barbecue experience ever. The distinguishing factors of a Barbecook gas barbecue are its ease of maintenance and choice of high-quality materials. If you opt for a gas-powered Barbecook barbecue, you can be assured of convenience and infinite barbecuing pleasure thanks to the various gas barbecue accessories available. Whether you choose a small gas barbecue or a complete outdoor kitchen, you can be assured of finding your ideal gas grill in Barbecook’s comprehensive range of gas barbecues.

Let’s get ready to #barbecook

Outdoor kitchen

Eye for detail

Beast mode


Gas barbecue Stella makes your garden your second kitchen. Multifunctionality is central to this gas grill and it ensures that you can easily and quickly grill like the best.

This barbecue has 3 or 4 powerful main burners and 1 (infrared) side burner for an optimal grilling experience. So you can easily let 14 people enjoy a grill feast. When barbecuing with the Stella you are in beast mode.

This barbecue series also paid a lot of attention to details. You can tell by the sliding accessory hooks on the large side table on which you can easily hang your cooking utensils. With each Stella you can take out the Dynamic Core grill and replace it with other Barbecook accessories such as a pizza plate or contact plate.

Besides a lot of power you will also find comfort at Stella. You can store your belongings in the drawers in no time and there is a place of your own for your gas cylinder. While cooking you can easily fold out the large side table. Thanks to the integrated thermometer in the lid, you can easily keep an eye on your dishes from a distance.

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