Spring 2002




Length: 110 cm | 43 inches *

Weight: 55 cm | 22 inches *

Height: 90 cm | 35 inches *

Grilling surface: 2 x (24 x 43) cm | 2 x (9 x 17) inches *

Number of people: 8

Try a Barbecook gas barbecue for the best gas barbecue experience ever. The distinguishing factors of a Barbecook gas barbecue are its ease of maintenance and choice of high-quality materials. If you opt for a gas-powered Barbecook barbecue, you can be assured of convenience and infinite barbecuing pleasure thanks to the various gas barbecue accessories available. Whether you choose a small gas barbecue or a complete outdoor kitchen, you can be assured of finding your ideal gas grill in Barbecook’s comprehensive range of gas barbecues.

Let’s get ready to #barbecook

Gas grilling




The Spring gas barbecue features powerful burners. You can use it for both direct (open lid) and indirect (closed lid) grilling. Thus providing hours of grilling pleasure.

Each Spring is fitted with electronic lighting. Making sure your gas barbecue can be lit risk-free. Your Spring is also easy to light.

Whoever chooses a Spring chooses tried and tested Barbecook quality. Its enamelled finish guarantees a long service life. The fact that enamel is also easy to maintain is a nice bonus, isn’t it?

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