RILA Fire Basket



Length: 80 cm | 31 inches *

Width:   75 cm | 30 inches *

Height:  71 cm | 28 inches *

Grilling surface: Ø 75 cm | 30 inches *

Number of people: 6

Building a cozy campfire in a fire basket or enjoying a delicious barbecue with our range of wood-fired barbecues is sure to feature precisely the fire basket or fire pit that suits your style. Or how about our outdoor fireplace: the perfect heating solution offering luxurious warmth on a chilly winter evening!

Let’s get ready to #barbecook

Refreshing shape

Easy to use

steel baking tray


Rila has a refreshing shape, but he brings out the flames in you! With its artistic shape, you can barbecue in style from now on! On the steel baking tray you can prepare the most delicious snacks for family and friends.

Its light-footedness and wide legs provide stability during grilling. Thanks to the light and fast warming surface, you can start working immediately after firing. The hooks on the side make it easy to use.

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