Pergola awning model 135 and 250

  • Based on 135 or 250 cassette

Based on the technology of the 135 full cassette box or the 250 boxes, the fabric is optimally protected. Depending on the project to be carried out and its configuration, it is, therefore, possible to opt for a wall or ceiling installation. If the fixing must be done on wood, box 250 is recommended because it is completely suitable. The load bar is made of extruded aluminum as is the roller tube.

  • An aerial design with an optional valance

The contemporary look of the pergola awning matches all types of construction, adding a touch of modernity or reinforcing the modern aspect of the building. The roll-up valance offers additional protection to your terrace against the grazing rays at the start or end of the day. The valance rolls up to completely disappear into the profile.


  • Offset feet for better integration

The particularity of this product is that it allows multiple installation choices thanks to its feet that can be offset, unlike a classic canvas pergola.


  • Wall-mounting with C135 awning brackets
  • Wall and ceiling fixation available
  • Angle adjustment
  • Cassette 135 for the optimal protection of the fabric
  • LED Option
  • Valance option (1.50m)
  • Tension system into the front bar
  • Operated with motor and automation
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