Loewy 40



Height: 75 cm | 30 inches *

Grilling surface: 40 cm | 16 inches *

Number of people: 4

Do you want to excel in adventurous preparations? Then the Barbecook Dome is your partner in crime. Thanks to its particular shape, it ensures that your dishes are perfectly grilled and cooked on both sides. The heat of your coal fire is perfectly distributed and cast back onto your grills because of its reflecting effect and the adjustable height. This keeps you in charge of the cooking process and it will make you a true fire tamer!

Let’s get ready to #barbecook

New design

Master of the grill



Meet Loewy, the iconic charcoal grill that is available in a new sleek design. From now on, you can practice your barbecue skills on our newest and fiery innovation.

You will feel like the lord and master of this grill because of the QuickStart® and QuickStop system and you will create the most delicious grills in an instant. In short, Loewy is your right-hand man at every barbecue!

Stay on top of your fire and make smart use of the QuickStart® system! Twist three newspaper sheets into torches and push them into the Barbecook hearth. Throw some charcoal on the grate and light the sheets at the bottom of the hearth/pipe.

Everything starts with a good basis (the ground)! Stabilize your charcoal grill and fill the Quickstop base with water, which you can later use to extinguish the remaining ashes. Should the grill fall over, the hot coals are extinguished with the water

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