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Our multi-award-winning pizza ovens are the ultimate outdoor cooking tools: easy-to-use, sociable, and fun. Ooni (aka Uuni) has received incredible reviews from the press and customers around the world. Ooni is the definitive tool for your backyard or outdoor kitchen. It’s designed specifically to take the cost, bulk, and hassle out of using a pizza oven.

Your time is precious, so make it count. Ooni Koda fires out jaw-dropping pizzas in 60 seconds flat. No assembly, no mess, no fuss. Cooking outdoors with gas has never been so simple (or so beautiful). Designed for ultimate speed, convenience, and ease of use, Ooni Koda features one-touch gas ignition and an adjustable heat control knob for reaching a broad range of temperatures.

Technical Features :

  • 13” maximum pizza size
  • At just over 20 lbs, take the Koda anywhere or easily store it when not in use
  • Built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) will automatically cut off the gas supply to Ooni Koda if the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on
  • Cook pizza in just 60 seconds, with an authentic stone-baked texture
  • Durable, ceramic-fiber insulated, powder-coated steel shell for superior heat retention & weather resistance
  • Includes Ooni Koda Manual & Ooni Essentials Guide with tips & recipes
  • Includes a stone baking board
  • Includes propane tank gas regulator & hose
  • LP gas burner uses a standard 20 lbs tank. Includes 36″ Hose and regulator
  • Ready to cook in 10 minutes
  • Runs on propane gas and reaches 932°F in just 10 minutes from lighting
  • Stainless steel inner body, base & burner, and cast aluminum nose
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