Edson Army Green



Height: 89 cm | 35 inches *

Grilling surface: 48 cm | 19 inches *

Number of people: 10

Do you want to excel in adventurous preparations? Then the Barbecook Dome is your partner in crime. Thanks to its particular shape, it ensures that your dishes are perfectly grilled and cooked on both sides. The heat of your coal fire is perfectly distributed and cast back onto your grills because of its reflecting effect and the adjustable height. This keeps you in charge of the cooking process and it will make you a true fire tamer!

Let’s get ready to #barbecook



No non-sense

Tough guy

Who says only beer or oil comes from a barrel? With Edson, you get a tough, rugged grill experience while enjoying the well-known Barbecook comfort. It will become the eye-catcher of all your amazing grill parties.

Edson is a tough guy: Hot on the inside and cool on the outside: 100% masculine in everything. After grilling, you can instantly turn it into a robust bar table by placing the cover on top.

It’s typical no non-sense design makes it easy to assemble, light on fire and maintain. That gives you more time to enjoy preparing your grills and to have fun with your guests.

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