On floor support system with 10 mm glass

Light in weight but safe for residential and light-weight commercial use, this wedge system is designed to be installed on a finished floor, with a laminated glass of 55,2 and a thickness of 10,76 mm. Suitable for the interior as well as exterior balconies, terraces, and swimming pools. Easy and quick to align, the glass panels ar e secured with gaskets and bolts, supplied by the manufacturer. Maximum height at 100 cm is recommended and the use of a top handrail is essential.


The perfect choice for private or light commercial use, with impressive simplicity and elegance.
ƒƒ Attractive slim lines
ƒƒ Affordable quality for 10 mm glass
ƒƒNo maintenance required
ƒƒ Patented system
ƒƒCompliance with TRAV specifications
ƒƒQuick installation

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