On-floor glass supporting system

The supporting brackets, in hard aluminum alloy, are installed on fully finished floor,
ceramic tile, marble, or on a balcony parapet. Glass panels of 88.4 thickness / 17.52mm and a maximum height of 1200 mm, are anchored with bolts which can easily be removed in case of need without any damage to the floor or system itself. The brackets are covered by the oval shape fascia profiles in the anodized finish as well as many other shades of powder coating.


It is an ideal solution for balconies, stairs, and building enclosures for high architectural
standards, offering an impressive and functional result with no view limit.

ƒƒ Elegant line
ƒƒMaximum security
ƒƒ Uninterrupted view
ƒƒ Free of maintenance
ƒƒ Patented system
ƒƒ Compliance with UNI EN 10807 & NFP01-013
ƒƒOptional use of top handrail
ƒƒWide choice of colors: RAL, Sable & anodized

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