Conic 2-Seater sofa

The 2-seater module offers great opportunities to build your perfect outdoor lounge area. It can be used as a chaiselounge or be part of a larger Conic lounge group. No matter how one chooses to use the 2 seater Conic sofa the comfort is optimal and designed for great flexibility. It can easily be moved around due to the lightweight aluminium frame. With its flexibility one can create a relaxing “nest” with a deep seating comfort or into a classic sofa. The conic coffee table adds a nice and practical feature when put between the two 2-seater sofa modules. The connection system allows this to be carried out quick and easy. All Conic modules come with all-weather cushions that help draining after a rain shower. The innovative design behind the Conic series allows these modules to work well in many surroundings. The taupe colours and the transparent look mean that the sofa can blend in, or stand out depending on the style of the exterior design. Conic comes with many small design features that enhances the overall look. The details of the cushions are supporting the luxuries look and the unique frame signals craftsmanship of the highest level.


Conic 2-Seater sofa left



Width: 140 cm | 55.2 inches *

Depth: 82 cm | 32.3 inches *

Height: 82 cm | 32.3 inches *

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