– Frame: Chipboard, solid wood, fibreboard
– Seats: Polyurethane foam HR 35 kg/m3 + contact foam Pro-Gel 50 kg/m3
+ 150 g/m2 wadding
– Back: Polyurethane foam VP 25 kg/m3 + contact foam 23 kg/m3 + 150 g/m2 wadding
– Headrests: Moveable headrest
– Suspension: Seats: Springs
– Feet: Metal
– Cushion type: Decoration: DP002
– Main dimensions: Main dimensions: Seat height: 43 cm / Base height: 74 cm / Seat depth: 57 cm /Armrest width: 24 cm
– Functions: Option not available

Coming Soon


Bat 2.5- Seater (Right or Left):

62.99’ X 35.03’

Terminal (Right or Left):

75.59’ X 38.58’

1) Regular cleaning of furniture covered with fabrics.

Clean sofas with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. It is recommended not to set the appliance for the highest power and to avoid direct touch of its nozzles with the fabric. We also recommend using brushes with soft fibers to diminish the risk of fabric damage

2) Yearly cleaning of furniture covered with fabrics.

There are many methods for clean fabrics to be made on average once a year. The first being the most popular is to use water and liquid shampoo. This solution is very advantageous as it reduces the risk of colors fading thus allowing for normal obsolescence of the sofa. Alternatively, widely available special cleaning kits and dry powders can be used.

3) Cleaning stubborn stains on the furniture covered with fabrics.

First of all, remove the stain with an easily absorbable paper or other stuff of similar qualities and avoid rubbing stains into the fabric. A gentle absorption lets avoid stains spreading. Always rub off the stain from its outer to the inner part.
Below some examples of the most common stains. Depending on their kinds, different methods should be applied.
– Mud stains: allow to dry, rub and brush
– Bloodstains: absorb with a soft cloth and rinse well with a cold water
– Polishing paste: rub the fabric with a clean cloth soaked in stain remover
– Wine/coffee stains: rub the fabric with a clean cloth soaked in vinegar
– Alcoholic products stains: rub the fabric with a clean cloth soaked in water with alcohol

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