Campo ceram 2 burner


Length: 62 cm | 24 inches *

Weight: 37 cm | 15 inches *

Height: 21 cm | 8 inches *

Grilling surface: 43 x 35 cm | 17 x 14 inches *

Number of people: 8

The plancha originates from Spain. A cast-iron griddle is heated to an exceptionally high temperature before you can start using it. As a result, the food will not stick to the griddle but will be perfectly seared to retain maximum flavor. What’s more: you can prepare food on a BBQ plancha with virtually no oil or other greaseLet’s get ready to #barbecook

Maximum variation and minimum maintenance



Come and eat

Sometimes you just have to try something new and take on a challenge. How about plancha? That’s great Southern cooking on a baking tray with Campo. Get started with this powerful grill and serve the sun on a plate for yourself and 5 friends in no time.

Fancy Zeeland mussels, Greek gyros or Spanish prawns? On the large baking tray of Campo you can prepare everything you dream of. For those who always fancy a little sauce with their preparations, Campo has a pot to catch sauce or fat.

With its sleek design, sleek look and black details, this Campo fits on any set table.

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