Breeze bar chair

The Breeze range is designed as lounge and dinner furniture. Each item has the same aesthetic design expression and can be used anywhere and in any outdoor space. There is distinctive elegance and lightness about the sculptural transparency of Breeze, which is reminiscent of a gentle summer wind.The material moulds itself to body contours and movements to create extremely comfortable furniture. The ultra-lightweight Breeze range is easy to move. Each can stand alone or be mixed with other furniture.The durable material is UV-resistant and requires minimal maintenance.Weave is specially developed to withstand climate conditions all over the world. The material will retain its colour and shape for many years.

Breeze bar chair

On order

CI 465


Width: 52.5 cm | 20.7 inches *

Depth: 53 cm | 20.9 inches *

Height: 101 cm | 39.8 inches *

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