Anodized Aluminium Railings.

Benefits of Anodizing:
– Great Resistance.
– Extremely long service life and low maintenance costs.
– Anodizing offers highly resistant to UV radiation and doesn’t flake or crack.
– Ease of maintenance.
– Anodized parts can easily be cleaned and remain brand new by using natural water, a mild soap and soft cloth.
– Low cost.
– Installation and maintenance cost is much lower compared to inox steel.
– Safe and Durable.
– Anodizing is a chemically stable process.
– It is not toxic, does not decompose and is highly resistant to heat.


The Railing System applications are unlimited and offer unique solutions to the contemporary constructions.
Some of them are:
• Balcony railings and outdoor stair railings, with unique appearance and durability to the various environmental conditions.
Suitable for modern houses and commercial buildings, outdoor hotel cites (such as balconies, pools etc), public places especially practical in big cities (such as metro stations, museums etc).
• Indoor stairs railings and houses’ mezzanines and business building’s interior (such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc) offering a special sense of high aesthetics.

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