Alexia 5011



Length: 59 cm | 23 inches *

Width:   49 cm | 19 inches *

Height:  97 cm | 38 inches *

Grilling surface: 41 x 36 cm | 16 x 14 inches *

Number of people: 4

Alexia is a small electric barbecue. This ecological grill is perfect for city life. After a busy working day Alexia takes the pressure off your shoulders and makes barbecuing really child’s play. For a chilly evening with some good friends Alexia is the relaxing grill.

Small but fine

At ease

City girl

Cleaning up

The city can be very busy, so it is sometimes necessary to relax. With Alexia you can grill and relax at the same time. This electric barbecue is small and handy. So you can perfectly place her on your balcony or in your city garden for dinner with a view on the skyline of your favorite city.

Alexia also has more gadgets. There are 5 adjustable hit levels so you can grill your favorite dishes in your own way. Ready to serve? You can also use the top part of the grill as a table barbecue. This way, your barbecue is within reach while enjoying a fresh cocktail.

Of course, every party requires some cleaning up. Luckily, Alexia has a handy anti-stick coating on the grill surface that makes cleaning a lot more pleasant. To keep all grill tools in one place, you can use the handy extra tray at the bottom of the barbecue. You can move the barbecue thanks to the large wheels.

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